Alternative Investments, PPMs and Real Estate

Praxis clients have diverse needs and objectives.  We recognize the importance of managing diversified portfolios.  It is critical for our clients to understand and have support from the Praxis Team to help identify appropriate risk rewards so that the costs and solutions for each client is carefully considered. 

We have a vast set of resources in the form of Alternative Investments.  Our access to Private Equity Firms, other Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds, Sponsors and Portfolio Managers of direct investments and securitized funds gives us the ability to introduce investment opportunities that could potentially enhance investment returns, hedge against market risks and balance liquid and ill-liquid investments to ensure clients are taking a safe route to success. Our affiliates, Ausdal Financial Partners,  provide Private Wealth Mgmt clients with a vast array of Alternative Investment options that are suitable for the Accredited Investor, so that our Clients and Praxis can stride to produce an Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation strategy thats suitable for each individual in a customized and intimately monitored basis.  

It is extremely important that investments in "Alternatives" are not taken likely.  That clients understand the parameters by which each investment is considered and potentially exectued. We will work in conjunction with counsel, in using your stated Investment Policy and WealthPlan, to address any and all potential risks, conflicts of interest and potential results prior to your making decisions.