Our Qualifications

We serve both institutions and families as trusted advisors and asset managers. Our relationships begin with a deep understanding of your needs that are strengthened over time through the disciplined implementation of comprehensive, customized solutions that address these needs with excellence and accountability.

Institutions: We have extensive experience serving corporations, retirement plans, endowments, foundations, and family investment offices. We are comfortable functioning in a consulting role as well as in a more comprehensive manner, as your Chief Investment Officer and/or external investment department.

Individuals: We leverage the same investment capabilities required by our institutional clients to serve individuals and their families. We do this through our Wealth Management Team, which takes great care to integrate our dynamic investment process into a broader plan designed to specifically meet your financial objectives.

Collaboration: We undertsnd and greatly appreciate the interaction, collaboration and relationships clients have with other professionals.  The tax, legal and investment complexities that often exist requires meaningful and dedicated collaboration.  We fullly support and advocate the unity with other professionals and we possess the technology to assist in simplifying and ccordinating on behalf of the client to deliver everyone a comprehensive platform to operate