Capital Finance & Investment Banking

Praxis Capital & Investment Management aspires to be the leading trusted advisor and financier to our clients that includes coprorations, institution's, financial sponsors, goverment, public authorities, private corporations as well as indviiduals. 

Financing Situations

·       Growth/Hyper-Growth Capital ·       Purchase Orders
·       Working Capital ·       Asset-Based Term Loans
·       Refinancing ·       Machinery and Equipment
·       Dividend Recapitalization ·       Intellectual Property
·       M&A ·       Intellectual Property
·       Bridge Loans ·       Commercial Real Estate
·       Distressed/Turnaround ·       Subordinated Debt/Cash-Flow Term Loans • Cash Flow
·       Asset-Based Revolving Lines of Credit ·       Criticized Assets
·       Accounts Receivable ·       Private Placement
·       Inventory (Wholesale and Retail) ·       Debentures/Debt
·       Equity


Growth Capital and Asset-Based Lending 
Many small businesses don't appreciate the sheer extent to which they can leverage their business assets and cash flow to secure funding. Praxis has a proven and well-developed capability for providing unique sources and resources of working capital for small businesses. The firm can provide financing resources for almost any company with assets—including inventory, accounts receivable, purchase orders, machinery and equipment, commercial real estate, and intellectual property.

Companies with above-average or exceptional positive cash flows may experience low commercial rates and cash-flow loans with:

  • Affordable and flexible loan structures
  • Maximum availability
  • Covenant light structure
  • Rapid funding 

Private Equity Services
Praxis, in conjuction with Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc., provides an extensive range of equity financing options. These include valuations and fairness opinions, pitch books, private placement memorandums, private capital raises, private stock sales, and a broad variety of custom shareholder liquidity services.

An accurate enterprise valuation is essential to understanding the worth of a business now and in the future. An asset and enterprise valuation assessment will correctly value the company and lead to a faster and more successful equity raise that is priced appropriately.

Private Capital Raises
Praxis can secure the resources to help small and lower middle market businesses source private equity capital to meet a variety of objectives, including:

  • Launching a business
  • Growing a business to the next level
  • Funding an add-on acquisition
  • Achieving substantial liquidity
  • Early-stage private and commercial note-holder payoffs

In raising private equity capital, we examine the client's specific needs, paying special attention to the cost of equity and related issues of equity dilution.

Private Stock Sales / Shareholder Liquidity Services
Praxis provides its clients with strategic guidance and tactical advice on capital formation, structure, securities valuations, pricing, timing, and terms. The firm will leverage its extensive sources of private capital and its knowledge of the private capital raising process to present its clients to potential investors or buyers and manage the placement process through to a successful transaction closing.